BHC Jílové was originally founded as a joint-stock company back in 1991 with the majority interest held by the German company Berghöfer Kassel. The objective was low-cost production for the German shareholder and satisfying the Czech market demand. The company manufactured 3 main types of products, specifically:

  • metal corrugated hoses tuboflex
  • corrugated expansion joints
  • hoses and expansion joints made of PTFE

The company acquired a big share on the Czech market in a very short time and the number of employees successfully expanded. In 1994, the German company was bought by Senior Flexonics, an English multinational group operating worldwide. For the then BHC, it meant further rapid development as it was decided to produce expansion joints for the Canadian and American markets. At the end of the last millennium, Senior Flexonics bought the company Bredan in Denmark and BHC Jílové fell under the latter´s management. In 2001, the company moved into new larger premises.

In 2002, the KE-Burgmann Denmark company, a part of Burgmann Germany, bought Bredan and thus also BHC Jílové. BHC Jílové a. s. was liquidated and removed from the Commercial Register. I personally founded the company back in 1991, I was its director and later also its liquidator. I was appointed an executive of the new company KE-Burgmann Czech s. r. o. and I left it in 2005. Then I started a company producing hoses and expansion joints once again – this time without any foreign participation. Apart from the above mentioned products, the company is also now manufacturing steel structures, stairs and stainless steel railings, including the installation.

In 2011, the company moved to the premises of Zíta KOVO s.r.o. in Kamenný Přívoz, with the objective of the gradual merging and unification of management. The latter company deals with customized steel structures made based on customer requirements or based on supplied design documents; it is also capable of performing repairs and refurbishment of equipment in stone and sand quarries, including abrasion of resistant components, it produces bodies and containers for trucks made of abrasion-resistant steel and aluminium.

In January 2013, Zíta KOVO s.r.o. was renamed BHC Jílové s.r.o. Since then, the production of metal hoses and compensators has been moving into the newly renamed company while the original production capacities have remained in place. Now the company has a team of experienced employees and experts. The available machinery meets the highest standards so that the parts and components can be produced in-house. The company is capable of producing not only individual pieces but also small series of products.